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1. How fast do I get access to Pandora's Box?

Like I said before, you get instant access to Pandora's Box as soon as you complete your order. Because you're getting access to a private member's area, everything is digitally downloadable, and you won't have to wait for the mail to arrive or anything like that. You're going to be able to start sifting through the material in literally minutes and you'll learn to make connections in your understanding of women. A lot of guys that have huge "aha" moments when they first go through Pandora's Box. It's common to think to yourself - 'Ahhh, that's what I should have said to her', or 'wow, all I have to do is text her this, and she's going to be attracted'. It's really great stuff and you get everything immediately, just as fast as you can enter your information on the secure checkout page.

2. Will it work if I'm overweight, or unattractive, or over 40?

You'd be surprised how little that stuff really matters to women. Sure two guys have the exact same personality, and say the exact same things, sure she's going to want to be with the guy who's in better shape or closer to her own age...

However, the whole reason why this system was created in the first place was to give guys a better understanding of women. The great thing is... women are more likely to get attracted to a guy who’s able to trigger good emotions insider her rather than some guy who has movie star looks and a six pack but is clueless in what to do and say around women

3. I'm in the friend zone. Will this help me get out?

Pandora's Box is going will teach you to trigger attraction in your interactions with woman. It's very subtle but in some cases she can feel herself being more drawn to you. The tricky thing about making moves on a female friend, is that you don't want to risk ruining the friendship, or having the word get out, and getting a bad reputation.

But that's not an issue because Pandora's Box uses innocent, everyday questions that help you identify her type… helping you to trigger attraction. So one day you might just be talking to her and she'll say to herself, "wow this guy really seems different, and I'm really feeling attracted to him".

And then she might even start hitting on you. But in reality, you're not any different at all, you just made her FEEL different by talking to her a certain way. So yes, learning Pandora's Box can help you escape the friend zone, and it will help in situations where you can't really hit on the girl directly, like in school or in the office, or when you're talking to a girl who might have a boyfriend. It's especially powerful in tricky situations like that.

If you're wondering whether it's going to help your specific situation. If you think your situation is more complicated or different... the only way to find out is to click the button below and try it... you've always got the 100% guarantee so you've got nothing to lose.

4. What if I'm looking for a relationship, can Pandora's Box help me?

It's pretty common that guys will overlook the relationship benefits of Pandora's Box. A lot of times they get so excited about being able to attract women, that they forget the reason why they wanted to start dating more women in the first place... to find that one perfect girlfriend you want to spend your life with.

Pandora's Box is going to teach you to understand women on a deeper level. It will help you understand why they act a certain way, why they test guys, what makes them intrigued, what turns them on, what makes them chase a guy, and so on.

Having a deeper understanding of women in a relationship can be very powerful because when you think about it, that's exactly what she's looking for in a long-term relationship, she wants her man to understand her, guide her, and calm her down when she's upset. Pandora's Box is chock-full of tools and techniques for every type of situation.

5. How is this different from XYZ dating advice?

The real difference between Pandora's Box and just about any other book, dvd or dating program out there is that Pandora's Box is the ONLY program that has figured out the different types of women, and given you strategies for each one. All of the other programs assume that all women are exactly the same, so the best they can do is give you really vague, generic advice because they are trying to please all women at once.

So they'll tell you to wear nice cologne, or clean out your car, you know, simple common sense tips like that. Sure women like when you smell nice, and they appreciate a clean car, but that's not going to help get her more attracted to you or see you as a soul mate.

6. Is it considered 'cheating' if I use Pandora's Box?

Well, it depends. Do you consider it cheating when a girl puts on makeup, a skin tight top that shows her cleavage and a skirt so short you can practically see the bottom half of her butt from behind?

It's pretty much accepted that women can dress like that and no one will think twice about it. Women can dress sexy on any day of the week and instantly make men break their focus at the office, look away from the road while driving and stumble over their words in conversation.

In fact, I read a study that claimed a man's IQ drops 20 points when talking to an attractive woman. But it's perfectly normal for women to wear whatever they want, and as men, we still love it. A guy isn't going to feel tricked because he hooked up with a girl when she was looking super hot. As men we love when women do things to make us lose control.

Until now, men haven't really had something like that where they can decide to have that kind of effect on women.

Pandora's Box makes it possible, and I don't really consider it cheating, it's more like leveling the playing field, because women WANT men to be more attractive, they WANT men who understand them, they WANT men who are interested in improving ourselves to become more attractive, just like we want our girlfriends and the women we date to look attractive and turn us on, too.

7. Can I trust Vin's guarantee?

Absolutely, yes, without a question you can trust Vin's guarantee. The reason why is because the credit card transactions aren't handled by Vin personally, they're handled by Altare Publishing.

They have their own support center where you can call in, or write an email and they'll handle everything. You get to download the program, try it out for up to two whole weeks, and believe me it won't take two weeks for you to see how powerful this stuff is, but you can still take as much time as you want to try out the material - up to 30 days if you really wanted to.

Anyway if you're not happy, you just send an email or call them up toll free and they'll make sure you get your money back. It's Altare Publishing, so no matter what questions you have about your purchase, they can handle it, and you'll always get first class customer support, every time.

Honestly, the only person taking the risk here isn't you, it's Vin, because it's possible, and I hope you're not the type of person to do this, but you could just buy the program and get your money back even after getting the benefit of the material. But it's not something we really worry about here, Vin is much more focused on getting amazing results for guys, and building his reputation around that, so yes you can trust the guarantee 100%.

8. Who should NOT buy Pandora's Box?

Well I mean, it's not easy to enforce this, but guys who have a history of emotional or physical abuse toward women should NOT buy Pandora's Box. The techniques in Pandora's Box are neither good or evil, they simply amplify who you already are. It's like nuclear power, with the right intention and safety considerations it can be used to provide electricity to millions of homes. But in the wrong hands, with evil intent, it can be used for mass destruction. My hope is that you will get Pandora's Box and use it to give women wonderful experiences. I want you to give them the romance and excitement they crave and allow them to live out their wildest fantasies. That way, everybody wins.

So as long as you've got some good intentions, you want to make a woman feel really special, you want to put a big smile on her face and be that knight in shining armor she's always dreamed about, you can feel good about clicking the button below and claiming your spot in the group. We'll be happy to have you on board.

9. How fast will I get results?

The short answer is that your results will vary according to how quickly you try out the techniques in real life. It's like anything, if you're the type who buys books without reading them and movies without watching them, then you probably won't get much out of this program either.

You have to actually watch the videos and follow along. And you have to take what you learned and apply it in real life, with real women because it's not some magic pill where you just complete your order and then without even logging in, women are going to show up at your doorstep begging you for a date. That's just not a realistic expectation.

10. Is my credit card safe? And what will show up on my bill?

Again, it's not me or Vin personally who's going to be charging your card, it's his publishing company, Altare publishing. The charge will discreetly be billed as 3QGTGhelp.com 866-575-1266. Altare Publishing has had hundreds of thousands of customers over the years because they've been doing this a very long time. Altare Publishing is a family run business, who have a proud and honest reputation to uphold. Their billing department is top notch and they've got some of the same people working on their stuff as amazon.com, who handles millions of transactions every year so yeah your credit card information is guaranteed absolutely safe. They use 256-bit secure encryption, which means there's no way your private information could be intercepted by a 3rd party. It's very safe. In fact, it's much safer than a department store or restaurant because there's no employee physically handling your card; you just enter your information on the checkout page. We're here to help and empower people, and help them improve their lives, so we guarantee a great customer experience.

11. Does this work on Latin Women, Asian Women, Black Women, etc?

Yes, because Pandora's Box is based on fundamental psychological principles, and not ethnic stereotypes, so it can be effective across all nationalities.

You see, although there are differences in how cultures might DATE, the triggers that ATTRACT women are mostly the same.

For example, a woman from Sweden might like different food than a woman from Brazil... They might prefer different types of movies too... It doesn't matter because those are just her PREFERENCES... She's not going to lose her self-control because she wanted steak and you got her a hamburger...

The reason why Pandora's Box can work so effectively, is because it has taken those emotional triggers that can cause women to feel attraction towards men and puts them into simple techniques.

12. Will Pandora's Box tell me what to say?

Yes. Although you're going to develop the ability to automatically know what to say, there are many word-for-word examples and exact phrases you can use to build attraction with women.

These are really more like training wheels to get you some fast success. The goal is to make talking to women really fun and exciting, so at some point you'll probably want to have your own techniques that are personal to you, and that's fine too because by then you'll already be familiar with the patterns in the system.

The real answer is that it's up to you. Use the exact language included the system, or use what you learn to develop your own personal style.

13. Will Pandora's Box help me if I'm married or in a relationship?

Well you first have to understand that there are really only two different types of relationships.

The first type of relationship is where the woman makes all the decisions, the man is stuck constantly trying to please her and do what she says, and neither person is happy...

This is called a Role-Reversal relationship because it goes against the natural instincts of men and women. Because society is really set up to push it's economy forward no matter what toll it takes, a lot of things are really backwards, and this type of dysfunctional relationship is unfortunately, pretty common.

These relationships are easy to spot too, because usually the woman is acting like a drill sergeant, and telling him what to do. She will ask what they're doing and the guy will say 'I don't know, what do YOU want to do?'

This is very unnatural to our biology as men and women, so most men in this situation usually feel like they have no power or he might feel like he's always being criticized, and he usually has to beg his girlfriend or wife just to have sex...

The woman on the other hand feels very little attraction for the poor guy, and in many cases starts seeing someone who can give her the second type of relationship on the side.

The second type is really the only functional type of relationship, and that's where the man is the dominant one, who is leading the emotional journey of the woman, and she is following HIM.

Now I'm not saying you have to boss her around and be a controlling jerk, of course not, what I am saying is that the relationship functions more naturally if the man is leading where the relationship goes.

The great thing about Pandora's Box is that if you use the system, it can help take control and lead her to a place where she feels more emotionally drawn to you than anybody else.