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Success Stories

"I made every classic first date mistake possible... Talked too much about myself, told her I liked her and I even tried to make plans to see her again before dropping her off... Didn't hear from her for weeks... Used Pandora's Box and 3 days later I'm waking up to her cooking me breakfast in bed."

- Marcus * Individual result may vary

"My relationship has taken a complete 180. I was at the point of begging my very own girlfriend in bed. Now I can hardly keep up with her!"

- Jimmy * Individual result may vary

"A total game-changer. Life gets better and better. I will be sticking with this for years to come."

- Tyler * Individual result may vary

"I'm still in shock that this whole time it was my BODY LANGUAGE that was turning women off. And even more surprised how drastically their reactions will change once you get it right!"

- JT * Individual result may vary

"The 33 innocent words work like a charm... I used just 3 of the words in an EMAIL and had this smoking hot italian chick practically inviting herself over my place. Great work man"

- Carl * Individual result may vary

"I wanted this girl for YEARS but couldn't get close because of her boyfriend. Used that technique and 3 weeks later they're broken up and she's inviting me over to 'help fix her computer'."

- Aleksey * Individual result may vary

"What I love is how damn easy it is to learn. I'm improving myself as a man, and having the time of my life doing it. In fact the content is SO engaging, I actually had a woman ask me for my number because she overheard me teaching it to my friend at the coffee shop!"

- John 'Fatboy' Ortiz * Individual result may vary

"Thanks for making it so easy to log into Pandora's Box from anywhere. I was at a party, and saw a girl that was totally my type. Even though I didn't have my computer with me, I was able to access the system on my iphone and knew EXACTLY what to say to her... All based on what she was wearing that night! INCREDIBLE!!"

- Anonymous * Individual result may vary