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I just want to let you know that your ideas on the different types of women are head on!! I have read a bunch of other dating gurus, but they apply one concept to ALL women, where as you apply different concepts to the different types of women, and so far, it has worked for me!!!

- Fernando Del Castillo
Houston, TX

* Individual result may vary

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  • Older Men - Especially Over The Age Of 35, Who Are Noticing Less Interest From Younger Women
Pandora LogoPandora Box

A system to help understand what's on her mind and trigger sexual attraction INSIDE HER. No more guesswork... when you learn the RIGHT words to use!

When I first saw your site, the first thing I thought was, this is a load of crap, he's probably just gonna take my credit card and I won't even get the product. But what you said about constantly stuck in the friend zone, which is the exact problem I've had my entire life, made me think yea, I'll risk it. So anyway, I reserved my spot, and was relieved to find out I could get access immediately, and not only was it legit, but that it could do everything it said it can, and more.

That same night, I tried out the material immediately on a woman I've wanted for YEARS. Let me just tell you – I've never known that a woman's feelings can change so fast when you know what buttons to push. She started talking about marriage and how we're meant to be together and must have been together in a past life. I've never experienced anything like this, ever. My whole life has become surreal. No joke, I even pinched myself to see if I would wake up. In fact – because it's so difficult for me to accept, she constantly reassures me by telling me how much she loves me. So, long story short we're getting married next June, and you're invited!

- Loius

* Individual result may vary

Listen, to be perfectly honest, I was already kind of well known with the ladies because of my 'job'... But just because you get recognized wherever you go doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want. Pandora's Box pushed my sex life into overdrive. I've been with 84 of the 86 women I've propositioned. It doesn't get any better than that.

- Derek

* Individual result may vary

I truly thank you for blessing me with this awareness. When a certain topic comes up in my history of women class, I already know how the realist/ idealist will react, because I can literally put myself in their shoes 4 a second. Since I have a pretty good grasp of female psychology I have confidence that every time I raise my hand I resonate with all the women in the room. This is a far cry from where I began in this journey and I really owe it all to Pandora's Box. Thanks again!

- Bob

* Individual result may vary