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Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Results not typical. Individual results vary.

  • Pandora's Box Core - PDF Guides and 10 Videos

    You can learn how to trigger attraction which can help get a date and help put her on the path to falling in love. You'll also learn that looks and age don't always play a big factor, it's how you can make a girl feel.

  • Pandora's Box Core - Profiler Quiz

    Learn to understand what women think about. Using just 3 innocent everyday questions, you can get valuable insights into her personality type so you know the right way to attract her.

  • Pandora's Box Core - Strategy Guide

    Word-For-Word Examples Of What To Say, Where To Take Her On A Date, And How To Start Conversations Step-By-Step For All 8 Types Of Women, Whether You've Known Her For Years Or Just A Few Minutes.

  • Pandora's Ph.D. System - Video Coaching

    In These Intensive Video Coaching Sessions, You'll Learn Techniques Designed To Trigger Attraction. Even If You’ve Messed Up Before, This Will Help Give You Another Shot. The Ph.D. Coaching Is Just $24.95 Per Week Billed Monthly And I Will Only Be Charged If I Decide To Stay Past The 14 Day Trial Period. No Obligation, Cancel Anytime.

  • All 7 Fast-Action Bonuses

    Claim Your Spot In Vin's Program Today And Download: Facebook Famous: 7 Copy & Paste Profile Tips That Get Women 'Friending' You And Competing For Your Attention, Speed Mindreading: How To Detect Women Who Want A Boyfriend NOW, Text Message Teleportation: Build Attraction With A Push Of The Button, Bon Appetit: 11 Finger Foods That Make Her Dizzy With Desire, Movie Magic: 9 Movies To Fall In Love To... All 2 Hours Or Less!


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  • Pandora's Box Core - PDF Guides and 10 Videos
  • Pandora's Box Core - Profiler Quiz
  • Pandora's Box Core - Strategy Guide
  • Pandora's Ph.D. System - Video Coaching
  • 7 Fast Action Bonuses
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I understand that my purchase is covered by Vin's 30 day guarantee. I understand that to request a refund I just have to email Vin at his help desk email address (support@dicarlocoaching.com), or call Vin's team at 1-800-563-4227.

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Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Results not typical. Individual results vary.